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What’s in the BOX?, BOAA’s travelling preview exhibition, returns to Ballarat to showcase a selection of the 150 artists chosen for BOAA 2018.
Last year, we challenged our artists to create an artwork that not only embodied their artistic practice, but also was able to be packed into a regular shoe box.  Our artists responded to this challenge with an extraordinary body of work that explores the diversity of our 2018 artists.
Don't miss the opportunity to catch a sneak preview of what these amazing artists have to offer.

Join us for opening night,
6:00 - 9:00
9th Feb
The Gallery Bar
Mecure Ballarat
Hotel and Convention Centre
613 Main Rd, Ballarat

What's in the BOX? continues until 19th March, coinciding with Ballarat's own WHITE NIGHT on 17th March, so make sure you pop in to see the show when you are checking out White Night!!


The BOAA Contina Bar is spending the summer at Carboni's Italian Kitchen.

 Spend long summer days and nights in this pop up outdoor bar, and enjoy authentic Italian flavours from Carboni's.

Remember, profits go to BOAA, so you’ll be drinking for the sake of Art

Check out details and opening hours at

Carboni's Italian Kitchen
152 Eureka Street, Ballarat


BOAA is planning a series of fundraisers and good times in February. Stay tuned for details