Stage one

Selection is now open for Australian Artists to be included BOAA 2018.
You must register here to be considered.
Registration is free and simple, all you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page! (So easy!)
(Please note: only artists who have registered via this page will be considered.  Direct emails or phone calls will not be considered)
All Artists will be notified in April 2017.

Stage two

Between April and September 2017, selected artists will be contacted by our Artistic Director, Julie Collins to discuss ideas, logistics, sites and budgets.

Stage three

Artists will be officially contracted September/ October 2017


Oct 2016                             EOI Opens           
1 April 2017                         EOI Closes
April - Sep 2017                  Selected artists contacted for meetings
Sep/Oct 2017                      Artists contracted
May 2018                             Written context for catalogue deadline
June 2018                           Artworks completed for photography & catalogue    

Exhibition dates 21 Sep - 6 Nov 2018
Installation and de installation schedules will provide within contracts.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Each artist who registers will be included in the ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ exhibition at the Mining Exchange as well as online. This is a large scale installation of images from every artist in Australia. Our aim here is to reflect what is truly happening in Australian art today, creating an aerial sea of images.  By registering your expression of interest you are agreeing to have one image selected for the ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ project. No artists fee is offered for this exhibition.