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Ballarat has experienced a culinary revival over the past few years, and now is teeming with fabulous restaurants, bars and cafes.

BOAA is partnering up with some of these local legends so that you can get the most of your BOAA experience!

If you are a restaurant/bar/cafe in the Ballarat region, we what to hear from you!!

All BOAA Pit Stop partners will receive:

-  A listing in the BOAA catalogue, 50,000-75,00 copies distributed Australia wide.
-  Promotion on the BOAA website with links from the BOAA website directly to the provider’s website.
-  Additional opportunities to further discount food and beverages for BOAA pass holders for promotion through BOAA marketing channels.
-  Providers will be promoted on the BOAA website as soon as a sponsorship agreement is finalised.
-  BOAA Pit Stop signage for your window and pavement throughout the six week event.
Pit Stop

To become a BOAA Pit Stop partner is a flat rate of $600.