The Biennale of Australian Art

Mamoru Jewellery, by Rosyleen Ryan

Sentimental Jewellery for Sentimental Hearts.

Each Mamoru piece is hand made in Melbourne, Australia by Rosaleen Ryan.

Every pressed or dried flower is collected by a process of serendipity and has a history or sentimental appeal. Most are from her mothers garden in the Dandenong Ranges, (Victoria, Australia), and evoke deconstructed landscapes of the family home in the hills. Some are from long unforgettable walks, and contain native flowers unique to Australia. Some were gifts from loved ones and generous souls. And a few are sourced for they revive nostalgia inside Rosaleen for a time past, or induce a memory of scent, touch, or taste.

Now they exist as keystones for your own unique journeys, stories, and memories to be remembered forever.