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The Art

The Art

The art

Over 150 artists will exhibit in over 50 indoor/outdoor venues across Ballarat, with a mix of major indoor/outdoor installations, solo exhibitions, and small intimate projects.  Artists will create new work and be provided with production budgets to assist in creating innovative projects.  Ballarat will be divided into six Art Villages across the CBD, gardens and tourist precincts.  BOAA has been described as a State Of Origin event with artists from each state and territory having equal representation.  An event that will truly reflect the diversity of Australian art happening today.


Solo Exhibitions

18 artists will given the opportunity to have a solo exhibition across a variety of venues.

Outdoor installations

Up to 27 large scale installations will be exhibited across Ballarat within our Villages.  These projects will activate Ballarat and create a festival atmosphere.

Lakeside Sculpture

A sculpture trail exhibition of 36 day/night projects sited around Lake Wendouree.  

The Great Australian Landscape

Eight major works, each of 7 meters in length, depicting The Great Australian Landscape, created by artists from each state and territory, interpreting the diversity of our vast country.


Projections and lighting projects ranging from large scale, to intimate engagements.  Viewable nightly, across the 6 weeks throughout Armstrong Street North.  These projects will depict artist concepts, translated into projects.  

Performance Art Projects

Performance Art is where an artist uses their body in some way to create an artwork.  These are usually one off events that provide a must see, "you should have been there" type experiences.  Throughout the 6 weeks, performance art projects will be scheduled throughout unique sites in Ballarat to enhance audience experiences of BOAA.  These projects will be filmed and shared on social media.

Art in Odd Places

Art in Odd Places involves the commissioning of small scale projects.  These projects will create a network of hidden stories in unexpected locations throughout the CBD.  Using geocaching principals, the audience is sent on a treasure hunt.  Geo Art Cache is finding art or engaging in a creative experience, using a GPS to get there.  Each BOAA will build on these hidden stories creating a unique public art outcome.

Art Camp

Art Camp will be located within Victoria Park, and will see artists from across Australia creating onsite projects throughout the six week event.  Projects will range from sculptures, happenings, paintings, photography, drawings or media projects.  Audiences will be able to visit art camp to see the projects transform and evolve, speak with artists, and experience real time creativity.

The Best of Ballarat

The Best of Ballarat will provide the opportunity for local artists from the region to be seen in the context of Australia's best visual artists.  The Best of Ballarat will ask our local artists to step up and show the rest of Australia what they have to offer.  This will not be a fringe event, it will be a fully curated component within the main program, showcasing 5 local artists.   

Hit me with your best shot

A project aimed to capture what is happening in Australian art today. Every artist, including professional, hobbyists and students in Australia will be encouraged to send one image of an  artwork to be exhibited both digitally and as and as an installation.  People make art for a variety of reasons, some to exhibit, some to become famous, others just create for the sake of creating. This project will reflect creative intentions of Australia.  This project will be both a physical exhibition as well as online.

Education Program

The BOAA education program is not just about the 6 week event; it will be a fully integrated program spanning a 12 month lead time with a program of schools engagement, visual arts forums, artist talks and workshops.  Throughout BOAA, a full program will be on offer, including guided tours, children's workshops, adult workshops, art camp interaction, disability engagement programs, aged care interaction, non-structured creative outlet spaces and web resources.  BOAA believes education is for everyone, no matter what age. 

BOAA Events

Over the six weeks BOAA will present a range of complimentary events involving  music, food and wine.