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BOAA will be a Visual Arts Festival, showcasing over 150 of Australia's most innovative contemporary artists from across Australia.  Ballarat will come alive with both large and intimate scaled projects in over 50 different indoor/outdoor locations, across 6 Art Villages, providing exciting daytime and nighttime experiences.  BOAA will tell Australian stories: stories of our past, present and future.  It will reflect what is means to be Australian today, aiming to have a strong Aboriginal focus, as well as celebrating our multiculturalism.  It will be a festival that marks our time and place within history.  This six-week exhibition will be a coming of age for Australian audiences and artists alike.  We will see the best of Australian contemporary art, without the need for it to be juxtaposed with international projects to be seen as relevant. 


The City of Ballarat, located an hour and a half drive west of Melbourne, Victoria.  


21 September - 6 November, 2018


Ballarat is well placed to host Victoria's most significant contemporary Art Festival with its important Regional Gallery (The Art Gallery of Ballarat), momentous public art collection, growing contemporary scene, heritage buildings and compelling natural environments.  The scale and physicality of Ballarat will provide the ideal "whole of town" gallery experience for audiences.

Victoria has a strong tradition of Regional Arts events with impressive attendances, injecting money int the various local economies.  Cultural tourism is one of Victoria's fastest growing areas, and arts festivals, or large outdoor sculpture exhibitions have played a major part in the shift of how people access their cultural experiences.  As cities become more over-populated and congested, peoplde are becoming more inclined to leave the city and travel to a regional destination which is offering a variety of experiences (culture, food, gardens), as opposed to travelling to several smaller, over-crowded events around Melbourne.  With Ballarat's proximity and regular train services from the city of Melbourne,  it is ideally placed for such an event.


This project has been developed by Julie Collins - of djprojects, a multi arts service provider.  Described as an artist, who just wants to see good things happen; Julie has supplemented her art practice with business, curation, marketing, teaching, and project management roles.  Most recently, Julie has been the Curator/Arts Director of the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, between 2011-2016.

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