Angela Robinson - Ballarat

Angela Robinson primarily works in paint, including water based media on paper and oil on canvas. She draws from a wide variety of material and subjects from travel to environment and an in depth study of nature, geography, landscape, maps, sound and movement. ‘Since I was a child I have felt at home in nature - it is often here that I ponder and observe the fluctuations of light, colour and atmosphere.’ Robinson creates fresh narratives for her collated works and consistently moves forward in a developed style, skilfully layering meaning, memories and visions. After graduating in 1991 with a BA in Visual Arts, Angela went on to complete an Honours degree in 2008. She continues to expand her practice with international art residencies, exhibitions both here and abroad, and is the recipient of the Ballarat Arts Foundation, 2018 Di Bresciani Drawing and Painting Award.

Angela Robinson will be creating work at The Mining Exchange