Artist Dinners


‘Call it sculpture, or call it painting, my aim is to create visual ecstasies.
The possibilities seem endless.’

– Asher Bilu

Asher Bilu is an established artist living and working in Melbourne.  Originally a painter, Asher's work now breaks free of the canvas to create immersive experiences.
On Thursday 9th October, Bilu’s work will inspire and take on yet another form… food.

Inspired by Bilu’s impressive installations at The Art Gallery of Ballarat, chef Damien Jones from Ballarat restaurant Mr Jones has set out to create an exquisite feast.

If you have been to Mr. Jones before, you might know that it is the third restaurant of Damien and Danielle Jones’s, combining their shared experience from a Michelin restaurant in London, to their hatted restaurant in Ballarat, Catfish. Mr Jones is a relaxed dining experience with an ever changing menu celebrating classic European influences and premium local produce using sustainable and seasonal, organic and biodynamic produce.

This night will combine all the best bits of life, food, art, wine and good company. Asher Bilu will speaking about his life and practice throughout the evening and guest while guest enjoy some fantastic local produce.

Reservations are MUST!! Please contact to register.
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Price: $150pp

Artist Dinner - Asher Bilu
7pm, Tuesday, 9th October
The Mining Exchange