Aurukun Camp Dogs - QLD

This renowned collective of artists from Far North Queensland, have been working out of the Aurukun Wik and Kugu Art Centre, producing iconic sculptures of camp dogs from milky pine.

The collective is comprised of the Namponan brothers, Garry, Leigh, Bevan and Lex, as well as Roderick Yunkaporta, David Marpoondin, Vernon Marbendinar, Bruce Bell and Kenneth Bruce Wolmby.

These works are made through carving and painting techniques based on body painting designs, using a variety of paint including acrylic including ochre. Many of the designs are based on totems belonging to family members. 

This project is proudly supported by Accolade. 

This project is proudly supported by Accolade. 



Venue: BOAA on Lydiard