BOAA Industries is the revenue raising arm aimed at making BOAA more sustainable into the future.
Supporting our initiatives will help make BOAA happen, with all profits going directly to the 2018 event.

BOAA Industries offers services under the following sub headings.


BOAA HQ, 115 Armstrong St North, Ballarat, is the retail outlet of  BOAA Merch. 
We are committed to creating, sourcing and selling authentic locally made souvenirs and gifts. BOAA Merch offers a range of products, including production of corporate gifts specially designed for companies.

If you are a company, retail business, community group or tourism operator wishing to know more about BOAA Merch then contact Ellie


Do you have a short term project you need extra help on? Think BOAA skills.
Offering the services of:

  • Public Art Consultancy & Planning
  • Arts abd Culture Planning
  • Event scoping & Management
  • Technical Production
  • Curatorial Services
  • Collection Management & Advice
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design, Marketing and PR
  • Social Media Planning / Management
  • Logistics & Risk Management


Our first set of classes our now online!!

Check them out here!

Here are some of the types of classes we offer...

  • Community Engagement
  • Art Workshops & Classes
  • Master Classes
  • School Incursions/Excursions
  • Collecting 101
  • Professional Practice
  • Event Hire Equipment
  • AV and Sound Equipment Hire
  • Pop Up Container Bar/Cafe
  • Available for exhibitions, events and festival
 BOAA Contina's first install at Alfred Deakin Place

BOAA Contina's first install at Alfred Deakin Place