BOAA on Lydiard

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BOAA on Lydiard
32 Lydiard St North, Ballarat
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm daily
Wheelchair accessible


Located a stones throw from the Art Gallery of Ballarat, BOAA on Lydiard is located in yet another of Ballarat's grand old buildings.
Here at BOAA we are particularly thankful for this space - the owners came through in time of need when unforeseen circumstances caused a last minute change of venue. 

BOAA Art 2018 artist exhibited at BOAA on Lydiard are:

Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig - New South Wales
Skunk Control - Victoria
Jamin – Tasmania

Sylvia Griffin – New South Wales
Nathan Beard - Western Australia
Aurukun Camp Dogs - Queensland
Cash Brown - Ballarat
Hayley West - Northern Territory