Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family is a country - comedy band made up of Australian country roots and musical comedy royalty featuring Sarah 'Shirley' Carroll, sister Suzannah 'Laurie' Espie and wayward son Rusty 'Danny' Berther, along with elder Greg 'Pa' Field.

Named for their breezy, sunshine-filled hillbilly songs of death and featuring guitars, fiddles, three-part harmonies and two-part jokes, The Cartridge Family have played major festivals and venues and made many radio appearances around their home state of Tennessee and Australia. Their new album ‘The Cartridge Family Reunion’ includes songs such as ‘Bali Tattoo’ ‘Dickheads with Guns’ ‘Chicken Swing’ and ‘There’s no Facebook in Heaven.’

Carts w tractor, April 2015.jpeg

Venue: St Andrew's Grounds
Sunday, 14 October