Cash Brown - New South Wales

Brown’s diverse career as an artist spans over 20 years with 11 solo and over 130 group exhibitions including selection as a finalist in the Sir John Sulman Prize and the Doug Moran Prize for portraiture.

Her practice is rooted in appropriation, borrowing images and re-engineering them into critical yet playful comments on contemporary life. Her current body of work reflects on ageing and the transience of portraiture in relation to memento mori (Latin translation "remember that you have to die") and the art made by women during the Dutch Golden Age. Using the same techniques of the Old Masters, Brown pulls the past into the present, noticing similarities through the ages and drawing upon symbolism to code new meanings.

A graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, Brown’s practice includes painting, ceramics, sculptural installations and drawing, and after completing a Master of Cultural Material Conservation at the University of Melbourne, she has expanded her practice into caring for art in addition to curating exhibitions.

 Proudly Supported by the City of Ballarat

Proudly Supported by the City of Ballarat