withholding the lion’s share  (installation view), 2017

withholding the lion’s share (installation view), 2017

Danish Quapoor - Queensland

Danish Quapoor is a contemporary visual artist specialising in fine-line, stylised illustrations and paper collages. Quapoor employs wordplay, re-contextualisation and unique imagery to craft intricate and humorous vignettes that reflect personal experiences. The works typically depict anthropomorphised animals and humanimal hybrids, crystals and dot matrices (as expressions of light and dark matter) and self portraits. Within these contexts, Quapoor explores contradictions within relationships, religion, sexuality and morality. 

Quapoor has completed numerous solo, group and collaborative exhibitions, studio residencies and live art performances, largely in Queensland and Victoria. Quapoor creates illustrations for African Children’s Stories (Dūcere Foundation) and private commissions. He holds a Master of Arts & Cultural Management (University of Melbourne), a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Honours and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (with Distinction) (both University of Southern Queensland)Beyond these tertiary spheres, Quapoor is informed by collaborations, eavesdropping, op-shopping and pop culture.