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Froot Luips

Melbourne Psychedelic/Garage/Funk Punk band Froot Luips are a dynamic six-piece, whose members are all past or present Victoria University music students.

Members are Clay Nielsen on guitar and lead vocals, Harry Marshall on guitar and vocals, Fergus Kuhar on drums, Sam Cashman on guitar and digeridoo, Llewelyn Crist on bass and vocals and Lachy Mustang on keys and woodwind.

Their debut eight-track sonic exploration 'Spilt Milk' will take you on a journey to a metaphorical valley in which milk that they have intently spilt, pours into your eardrums and stays there. Sounds ring in a sonic mishmash of lo-fi textures, fuzzy riffs and warm clean tones, all dancing in a creamy sea of whitewash froth that is tonnes of reverb and delay. Expect a high-energy show with catchy melodies, guitar solos and feel-good flow from start to finish.

Venue: St Andrew's Grounds
Saturday, 12 October