George Farmer Building

George Farmer Meats Factory.jpeg

George Farmer Building
328 Eureka Street, Ballarat
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm daily
Wheelchair accessible


The George Farmer Building sits on the corner of Eureka and Joseph Streets.  A former bacon curing factory built in the late 1800s, the building has been sitting abandoned for over 50 years.  A recent change in ownership has allowed the building to be opened up for the first in half a century for BOAA.  The George Farmer building is being transformed into a purpose built art space specifically for BOAA ART 2018.  Visitors will wander through a warren of exhibitions within the framework of the original structure.

BOAA Art 2018 artist exhibited at the George Farmer Building are:

Nawurapu and Djirrirra Wunungmurra - Northern Territory
Sara Maher & Nigel Farley - Tasmania
Michelle Dunn - Victoria
Kim Percy - Victoria
Tatjana Este - Victoria
Charlotte Hayward - New South Wales
Tiffany Titshall - Ballarat
Annika Romeyn - Australian Capital Territory
Kate Vivian - Ballarat
Amanda Ruck - Victoria
Skunk Control - Victoria

Abdul Abdullah - Western Australia
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah - Western Australia
Yhonnie Scarce - South Australia
Akiko Nagino - Victoria
Jill Orr - Victoria
Jason Waterhouse - Victoria
Ryan F Kennedy - Victoria
Donna Marcus – Queensland
Billy Crellin – South Australia
Tobias Richardson - Northern Territory
Gordon Monro - Ballarat
Hannah Bertram - Victoria
Mark Stoner - Victoria
Anna Glynn - New South Wales