Kat Pengelly- Ballarat

Kat Pengelly creates wearable art. Her label ‘Koshka’ is a creative force of Art Fuelled Fashion.

With a background in Fine Art, Kat’s fashion collections enter the world via art galleries. Her artistic label was unleashed at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in 2011.

Kat’s current show is Fashion for Funerals ~ Bringing death to life by creating a cultural shift in the way we grieve that makes our inevitable end accessible and acceptable.

With an inclination for collaboration, Kat assembles teams of master creators to present her collections. More theatre than fashion parade, these multi-media productions involve film makers, tattooists, musicians, choreographers, performers and scientists. Kat also seeks to collaborate with educational and cultural intuitions to provide pathways to professional practice for students of the arts and creative industries.

.Kat’s Mission: Evoke the Joie De Vivre

Venue: The Mining Exchange


Proudly Supported by the City of Ballarat

Proudly Supported by the City of Ballarat