Lisa Crawley

Whether it’s hosting piano karaoke in a Brunswick St dive, serenading you at your cousin’s wedding in Geelong, or tinkling the ivories at the casino bar at an ungodly hour, chances are you’ve swayed or swooned to the sound of Lisa Crawley whether you knew it or not. 

 Creatively insatiable, the last few years has seen Crawley finding time in between writing and composing her own music, arranging and performing her songs for Symphony Orchestras and opening for the likes of John Mayer, Jools Holland and Paul Weller to co-write a cabaret show with Bullet Heart Club.

Lisa Crawley is truly a songwriter to watch. Her unique approach to writing and performing allows her to charm jazz loving audiences one minute, and command indie credibility the next; her undeniably catchy tunes are bound to stick with even the most casual of listeners.

‘A breath of fresh air, it’s no wonder Crawley has become one of the country’s most respected ladies in the game.’ – The AU Review


Venue: Mining Exchange
Piano Karaoke
Every Wednesday,
26 September-31 October