Palace of the Republic

Palace of the Republic

Louise Paramor - Victoria

Working for over 20 years, Louise's practice ranges from large scale public works, to small, intimate sculpture.  Her brightly coloured pop inspired works transcend the limits of any scale, resulting often highly forma works that manage to evoke a sense of familiarity in the viewer.
Her most recent exhibition, Palace of the Republic, commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, included eight large, 'honeycomb' inspired sculptures amongst over 100 smaller, colourful pieces, transform the NGV into a surreal landscape.
In 2014, Louise's piece North Polar, was the winner of the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, resulting in the permanent sculpture commission of Supermodel on the Lorne foreshore.  Many people will recognise Louise's work Panorama Station from its prominent position on Peninsular Link Freeway, Victoria.
Louise is included in numerous collections including McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park, Heide Museum of Modern Art and Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Louise Paramor is represented by Karen Woodbury Gallery.

Venue: Ballarat Welcome Centre

Louise Paramor is proudly supported by Andrew and Jill Oliver.