Matthew van Roden, Tarzan Jungle Queen, Koulla Roussos - Northern Territory

“The Contiguity of Totalisation”
Curated by Koulla Roussos

Matthew van Roden, Tarzan JungleQueen and Koulla Roussos are three emerging queer artists from Darwin whose multimedia practice interrogates the representation of “queerness” itself. 

Essentially non-essentialist, the body is treated as a text capable of a multiplicity of meanings shaped only by the fluidity of technology merging with archetypal desire.

To overcome the corporeality of consumption, the trio considers the exquisite contiguity animating the microcosm, to interrogate interrelationships and present individual and collaborative digital and analogue works, that will take audiences on an adventure through lost time to dwell inside a space of endless possibilities.

Venue: Unicorn Lane