Perspective - video still, 2018

Perspective - video still, 2018

Michelle Dunn - Victoria

"Perspective" is a reminder to myself. In a world where everyone is shouting from social media about their highs and lows, I feel at times we lack the slow steady pace of consistency. The creation of this work was as much a challenge as I now ask of the viewer in watching. Can you sit, seemingly as though nothing is happening and trust that it is? In creating this work, each of the 5379 drops reminded me that calm does not mean stagnancy as much as turbulence does not mean progress. One drop at a time, the glass fills.

Michelle Dunn began her creative journey at 18, travelling with a camera in hand. Returning to Australia in 2004 having been hugely influenced by human connection across many different countries and cultures, Michelle began working professionally as a photographer in 2007, adding video to her company in MDP Photography and Video in 2012.  Currently, she is working commercially across Australia, specialising in creative, advocacy and education themes. Her personal work is an essential part of her practice and Michelle often uses this to push her creatively and develop ideas further.

Venue: George Farmer Building