Nicholas Stranks - Australian Capital Territory

In this latest series of work, Nick Stranks sets about to catalogue his life as a journeyman-artist-fixer. He is interested in how a found object can be relied on to tell a story and create a narrative. Through the objects life it accumulates a history, evident in the patina, scars and wear. Not only does the object tell part of its own story but it also tells a story about its owner. A portrait of the owner can be created in the viewers mind when the objects are in counted.

Nick Stranks was born in Melbourne in 1965. He has exhibited regularly both nationally and internationally since leaving art school. For the past 20 years Stranks has managed the ANU Sculpture Workshop Foundry in Canberra. He regularly casts commissioned works for artists, national institutions, and private collections. These commissioned works are held in collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, Australian War Memorial, ACT Public Art Collection and the Canberra International airport.

Stranks a lecturer in the Sculpture Workshop at the Australian National University and has a studio in Carwoola, NSW.