Pauline O'Shannessy- Dowling - Ballarat

I create colourful, whimsical drawings on both a large and small scale. My work crosses the boundary between the figurative and the abstract; it challenges the viewer to suspend belief and enter a whole new world of colour, design and “other-worldliness”.

I work solo, on drawings and painting, and sometimes 3 dimensional objects – anything from small works on paper, to large murals in car parks – such as the Civic Hall car park in Ballarat. My 3D work is usually made from found objects and assembled materials.

I work collaboratively with other artists – on sculptural works – adding my own brand of brightly coloured design; and with designers, making garments and soft furnishings.

Colour is a signature feature of my work; I do not shy away from using bold colour and from being extremely bold with my colour choices and compositions.  I use bold colour as a deliberate statement of my individuality and as a powerful tool of unhindered self-expression. Where some fear the power of colour, I fully embrace it and leverage off the powerful message it can send. 

I use organic line to create my original designs and drawings, and I am building up a body of personal motifs, which enable me to use a language of my own. For example, I often us a “small house” motif in my drawing, which represents the home and community. I use these motifs as a commentary on the world in which we live.

Venue: The Mining Exchange
Lake Wendouree

@ alydegrootart

Proudly supported by Jane & Steve Grovac