Phillip George - NSW

This image is from the ‘Drawing in Water’ suite of works which map the liquid nature of history, culture and our fleeting existence, akin to mark making by drawing in water.
The works are a response to decades of travel throughout the Middle East witnessing the vast ebb and flow of the waves civilizations as they arrive flourish and in turn are liquidated, leaving their traces upon the landscape. 
Images have been made in various sites around Syria that have stood for millennia, now destroyed, sites that seemed timeless protected and enduring archeological sites that now only exist as photographs. The works are composed from above and below the water surface, from the historic to the contemporary. The component of the works made underwater are made with camera and breath, while awaiting the waters current to determine the image structure. 

Phillip George will be exhibiting at The Art Gallery of Ballarat.

This project is proudly supported by Andrew and Jill Oliver.