Ryan F Kennedy - Victoria

SAPIENS (BASIS AND INQUIRY) an industrial allegory, meta-mythical, unremitting ritual, dumbfounded habitual, relative of time, gilded, withered rhyme, their illustrious fate, a furnaced raptured promethium state, shouted “mine” shafted minds, pawns pawned and settings dawned, for-sight from two eyes is all these sapiens have.

RFK’s multiform practice generates art works which are culminations of performance, installation and sculpture; works can occur or grow over periods of time or be highly interactive yet no two are like. The compulsive/impulsive mind of his work orbits around language, epistemology, and communication ; mattered by using post-industrial materials to compose form, costume and audio. Questioning terms, ideals, labels, with both internal and external planes often colliding. 

Winner of the 2018 Lorne Sculpture Biennale,  ‘Land Art Sculpture Prize’  RFK as well as having a solo exhibitions and festival history including  White Night Melbourne,  Fehily Contemporary and Stockroom.