A ritual for leaving , 2017, photo by Peter Whyte

A ritual for leaving, 2017,
photo by Peter Whyte

Sara Maher & Nigel Farley - TAS

Sara Maher is a Hobart based artist who works in large and small dimensions across painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. A succession of residencies in remote Tasmania (and a connected residency in Broken Hill, NSW) have been highly influential in the development of her work.

Sara seeks a language to describe the variance she feels between resonances that evoke an expansion of "being" in place and atmospheres of unsettled memory where layered histories intersect.
Each piece is a meditation on materiality and a subtle metaphorical response to place and its energies, generating an aura of spatial illusion. Underlying the tranquil silence of nature is a melancholy hum which calls forth the past.

Nigel's sound media explores links between the “sounds of place” and the “acousmatic” (more imaginary dimensions of sound). There is a strong consideration in how soundscape is engaged with through close listening at the margins of perception.

The resonant atmospheres inherent to isolated sites in Tasmania - vacant dwellings, aging infrastructure - in concert with the vicissitudes of wind, rain, snow – has been a significant influence. Compelled by the way sound phenomena evokes a sense of the past/present, Nigel has explored cultural memory and notions of absence (as presence) as a particular experience of place.