St Andrew's Church, Hall & Grounds


St Andrew's
502 Sturt Street, Ballarat
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm daily
Selected evening events.
Wheelchair accessible - please note, outdoor events may be held on grassy areas.


Constructed in the 1860's, this beautiful bluestone church has been sitting vacant since 2013.  BOAA Art 2018 will transform the church, halls and surrounding grounds into a thriving arts hub.
St Andrew's Church itself will host The Great Australian Landscape, which features one artists from every state and territory who has created their own interpretation of the Australian landscape across an 8m long scale.
St Andrew's Halls various spaces will host numerous solo exhibitions, allowing visitors to meander through a wide range of artistic creations.
St Andrew's Grounds will feature outdoor performance art and events, video projections, Hit Me With Your Best Shot as well as music and a pop up cafe/bar.


St Andrew's Church

Josh Muir – Ballarat
Tim Jones – Victoria
Andrew Mcilroy - New South Wales
Naomi White – Queensland
Winsome Jobling - Northern Territory
Amy Joy Watson - South Australia
Margaret Hadfield - Australian Capital Territory
Troy Ruffels - Tasmania
Peggy Griffiths - Western Australia

St Andrew's Hall

Stephen Pleban - Ballarat
Tiffany Titshall - Ballarat
Karyn Fearnside - Australian Capital Territory
Anna Louise Richardson - Western Australia
Matt Calvert - Tasmania
Marina Pumani Brown – South Australia
Michal Glikson - Queensland
Erin McCuskey - Ballarat