2. Suze van der Beek_am 27 April_2018.jpg

Suze van der Beek - Tasmania

Suze’s interest is in exploring how the light sensitive medium of photography might translate a sensitively felt engagement with the natural environment.

She photographs a glass bowl filled with water in relationship to the surrounding evening light. Suze works with the bowl of water as a poetic device placed in the landscape, that draws the eye.  

The resulting images suggest a participatory mode of looking and engaging creatively with the natural environment - and evidence moments of heightened visual intimacy. Suze utilises formal strategies such as fields of expansive colour, luminous qualities of light and shallow focal depth in order to create images which immerse the viewer in the experience of  looking.

Suze van der Beek is represented by Colville Gallery, Hobart

This project is proudly supported by The Myer Foundation.