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The Grapes

The Grapes' self-titled debut album is an indelible Australian pop classic of 1999.

Sherry Rich and Ashley Naylor, two ARIA nominated cult heroes from the country-pop and rock 'n' roll ends of Melbourne's musical underground, were thrown together on a hunch by their record label boss. Their effortless meeting of hearts and harmony was a chance encounter with shared roots decades deep in the beat pop innocence of mid '60s jangle and the timeless sob and sigh of the great country singer-songwriter tradition. Between the psychedelic Beatle-boot stomp of "Head of Blue" and the hard bitten Nashville duet of "So You Say You Lost Your Baby"; the lost Bee Gees jewel "Kitty Can" and the languid loveliness of "Je M'apelle", a small but perfectly formed masterpiece was born.
Fast forward to 2014 and the release of ‘Western Sun’– shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize - the Grapes' first album since 1999. That's several lifetimes for musicians as prolific as Ashley Naylor and Sherry Rich. Apart, they've made a ton of records and raised four kids. Reunited, they've found their psychedelic-country chemistry has grown richer, darker and infinitely deeper. June 2018 saw the unleash of the single ‘Shady Lane’ a tale of seduction and betrayal set in Melbourne’s city laneways. Available now from all digital music outlets.

“The Grapes (Rubber Records/BMG), don't have any of the hype of the big names but more good songs than most of them can dream about”
-Noel Mengel–Brisbane Courier Mail


Venue: St Andrew's Grounds
Sunday, 21 October