The Mining Exchange

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The Mining Exchange
12 Lydiard St Nth, Ballarat
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm daily
Wheelchair accessible

Built between 1887-9, The Mining Exchange was used during the Gold Rush era of Ballarat to trade shares in mining companies.  It still houses the Mining Exchange Gold Shop today.
During BOAA Art 2018, The Mining Exchange will be home to Art Camp - Artists in Residence program.  Art Camp will be the core of the BOAA Connect Program. Each week, two different artists will be on site creating large scale projects within The Mining Exchange.
Visitors will be encouraged to participate in these projects. Learning practical skills from practicing artists, as well as contributing to the art work of BOAA.
As weeks go by, the completed projects will remain on site and build the story of engagement throughout BOAA.

The Mining Exchange artists:


Albin Mullner - Victoria
Angela Robinson - Ballarat
Aldona Kmiec - Victoria
Aly de Groot - Northern Teritory
Carolyn Cardinet- Victoria

Catherine Bailey - Victoria
Kat Pengelly - Ballarat
Melinda Muscat - Ballarat
Peter Burke - Victoria
Sue Buchanan & Eli Giannini - Victoria