The ReChords

THE RECHORDS are a trio featuring upright bass, acoustic and electric guitar and 3 part harmonies influenced by Old Timey Hillbilly, Bluegrass, alternative Country and Traditional Rockabilly with hints of classic vocal groups of the 60’s and a twist of pop.  Formed in 2009 they have built a strong local and overseas following, performing over 450 shows. The band thrive in a small pub or gracing larger festival stages, like Falls Festival, Meredith Music Festival and Gympie Music Muster. Two successful self-funded European tours (2011 and 2013) including major roots festivals have won fans in Spain, Germany, Austria, Nederlands, UK and the USA. The Rechords recently won the Best Roots/Country EP Category 2014 on the Independent Music Awards with their 4 track EP titled ‘It Won’t Be Long’.  

Known for their live performance energy, hypnotic melodies and infectious rhythms, The Rechords song choices are as eclectic as the members who write them. This is what gives the band it’s unique sound.