BOAA ART 2018 tickets
are now on sale!!

Secure your spot at events with limited space
Access all our live music gigs
Attend BOAA talks and functions*
Free looping mini bus rides between villages
Solar Powered Rickshaws and BOAA bikes around the lake

Get your two day or full festival pass here

Start from $25 with concessions available
Free entry to Eureka Centre, the home of the  Eureka Flag is included
Not sure when you want to come?
Well don't worry, your two day pass will kick in when you enter your first venue, so you don't need to decide right now!

*All events and BOAA music are included in your BOAA ticket or festival pass, however, some special events have limited numbers and require registration, make sure you register for these events when you buy your tickets so you don't miss out!


There are many ways to support BOAA, check out our Project Supporter Program to learn more.