Meet the Artists - Videos



BOAA ART 2018 is coming

BOAA ART 2018 has long been a dream of our Artistic Director, Julie Collins.  This video gives you a snap shot of Julie's plans for BOAA ART 2018 and the City of Ballarat.



Ken + Julia Yonetani

Ken + Julia Yonetani’s work explores the interaction between humans, nature, science and the spiritual realm in the contemporary age, unearthing and visualizing hidden connections between people and their environment.

Ken + Julia Yonetani will be exhibiting at The Eureka Centre


Kim Anderson

Ballarat's own Kim Anderson work emanates an emotional examination of her deepest responses to the world around her.  Her close observational style results in intesely detailed drawings.

Kim Anderson will be exhibiting at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.


Faridah Cameron

Faridah Cameron is an abstract painter from Hobart, Tasmania.  Using fine 'thread-like' lines, Faridah creates intricate and captivating paintings that resemble textiles.


Asher Bilu

Asher Bilu is an established artist living andworking in Melbourne.  Originally a painter, Asher's work now breaks free of the canvas to create immersive experiences.
Asher Bilu will be exhibiting at the Art Gallery of Ballarat during BOAA 2018.


David Jensz

Living and working in ACT, David Jensz is an established sculptor who works in a variety of materials to explore the disconnect between how he lives his life, his view of the world and it's relationship to the universe.
David will be showcasing his sculptural talent at the Art Gallery of Ballarat during BOAA ART 2018.


The Numina Sisters

The Numina Sisters hail from the Northern Territory and are an incredibly talented family.  Sisters Salena, Lanita, Louise, Sharron, Jacinta, Caroline, along with their mother Barbara, are all painters and bring to BOAA ART 2018 their strong sense of family & community.  
The Numina Sisters will be exhibiting at the Art Gallery of Ballarat during BOAA ART 2018.