Once upon a time, about 10  years ago, BOAA Director Julie Collins had an idea. An idea that wouldn’t go away.  An idea that just kept growing.  An idea to create the largest showcase of living Australian artists EVER. An event that would be a whole of town experience, an event that would help drive the Ballarat Renaissance.   
Thus, BOAA -  Biennale of Australian Art was born.

BOAA will Tell Australian stories; stories of our past, present and future, reflecting what it means to be Australian today.  It will have a strong Aboriginal focus, as well as celebrating our multiculturalism.

This six-week event will be a coming of age for Australian audiences and artists alike.  

Ballarat is perfectly placed to host Victoria's most significant contemporary visual art festival with its celebrated Regional Gallery (The Art Gallery of Ballarat), significant public art collection, growing contemporary scene, heritage buildings and compelling natural environments.  The scale and physicality of Ballarat will provide the ideal "whole of town" gallery experience for audiences.



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